Clothes drying tips for this rainy season

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Nowadays rains are in full swing in all over India.  It means that if you already have a dryer at home yet it will double your difficulty to dry your laundry.

How in rainy season can we dry clothes faster? Following are the useful ideas :


Wash My Cloth - Online laundry & Dry cleaners

You can remove the extra water from your clothes with the help of a big towel. Just place the dry towel on the floor and put the wet clothes on the towel. Now roll the towel and squeeze it as much as you can. By doing this you will see that the towel soaks away the extra water from the clothes. You can repeat the process as per your requirement.


Wash My Cloth - Online laundry & Dry cleaners

Air plays a pivotal role in drying clothes so hang your clothes in an airy space. For faster drying you can also use a fan and make sure that there are spaces between clothes to let the air pass through other clothes.


Wash My Cloth - Online laundry & Dry cleaners

If you have access to a handheld blow-dryer, you can use it to quickly and intensively dry your clothing. First, wring out the wet garment and lay it on a clean, dry surface. Turn the hairdryer to a warm or high setting – it’s more about the air flow than the heat. Hold the blow-dryer near the clothing, and dry it spot-by-spot with quick blasts of hot air. Work your way slowly around the entire surface of the garment, front and back, inside and out, until the whole thing is dry.

  • Rotate the garment frequently to dry any pockets, sleeves, and collars. Dry them from the inside and the outside to ensure that you do a thorough job.
  • Be careful not to point the blow-dryer at one spot for too long. If some garments or surfaces get too hot, they might catch fire.


Wash My Cloth - Online laundry & Dry cleaners

Use an iron and a towel. Lay your wet garment on an ironing board, as if you are going to iron it but lay a thin towel on top. Iron the towel firmly and thoroughly using a high heat. Make sure to turn the garment over so that you press both sides. The iron-and-towel combination channels some warmth into the fabric, and the towel will absorb some of the moisture.

  • Do not put a hot iron directly onto a wet piece of clothing. This may stretch and damage the fabric, rendering the garment unwearable. If you use an iron on wet clothing, always use a towel for protection.

These simple ideas will save you from ending up with wet and foul smelling clothes. These tricks also work when you need a particular dress or shirt that you need to wash for an last minute event.  If you simply do not have the time to do so, let help you. is Kolkata’s Online laundry & dry cleaning service providers that accepts “per item” service at very reasonable prices. Free pick up and delivery and bring your clothes back to you washed, dried and ironed. You can check out our pricing HERE